After-Birth Sitz Bath Herbs DIY Recipe


After giving birth, many women experience discomfort and soreness in the genital area. This is why a postpartum sitz bath can be a soothing and healing remedy to help speed up recovery. In this article, we will discuss what a sitz bath is, how to take one, what to use in a sitz bath, the herbs that can be used, and a DIY herbal sitz bath recipe that can be used for postpartum recovery.

What is a Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is a therapeutic bath where the lower part of the body is immersed in warm water. It is commonly used to help relieve discomfort and promote healing in the genital area. Sitz baths are recommended for conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, episiotomy stitches, sore or damaged vulva and perineal area, and sore rectum or anal area. They can help ease pain, increase blood flow to the area, and speed up the healing process.

How to Take a Sitz Bath (Two Ways)

There are two ways to take a sitz bath. You can either use a sitz bath kit that fits into your toilet bowl or use a bathtub. If using a sitz bath, fill the container with warm water and herbal tea or Epsom salt. If using a bathtub, make sure it is clean and fill it with warm water. Soak your bottom in the water for 10-20 minutes, 1-4 times a day. Pat the area dry with a clean towel or let it air dry.

What to Use in a Sitz Bath

For a DIY herbal sitz bath, you can use a variety of herbs that are gentle and help heal the tender area. You can also add baking soda and Epsom salts to speed up the healing process. Avoid using essential oils, scented bath salts, bubble baths, and similar products in a sitz bath as they can be too harsh for the tender perineum area.

The Herbs I Used

There are several herbs that can be used in a sitz bath to help soothe and heal the area. Some of the herbs I used in my DIY herbal sitz bath recipe include Comfrey Leaf, Lavender Flowers, Plantain Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow Flower, Calendula Flowers, Shepherd’s Purse, and Uva Ursi Leaf. These herbs have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and healing properties that can help speed up the recovery process.

DIY Herbal Sitz Bath Recipe

Here is a simple DIY herbal sitz bath recipe that you can use for postpartum recovery:

Herbal Sitz Bath

This DIY sitz bath helps soothe tender, sore areas after childbirth. Also great for hemorrhoids and other uncomfortable areas!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 3 cups

Author: Katie Wells

  1. Mix herbs in a glass container or silicone bag. Add 1 cup of herbs to 2 quarts of boiling water.
  2. Remove water from heat and let sit for 20 minutes, covered.
  3. Strain and add to a sitz bath and soak for 20 minutes. Both mom and baby can soak in the bathtub to speed cord and perineum healing.

You can use this blend in a small sitz bath or in the bathtub. Use 1/2 cup of herbs and 1 quart of water if using a small sitz bath container.

More Ways to Use:

  • Brew with the above ratios and add to a Peri Bottle for use after going to the bathroom.
  • Pour some pre-brewed herbal mix onto pads and freeze for a pain-relieving ice pack.
  • Use a diluted mix around the baby’s cord stump for healing.

This DIY herbal sitz bath recipe can also be a wonderful addition to a new-mommy gift basket along with homemade natural baby care items and lotion bars for mom. Have you ever used herbs post-birth? Did they help you? Share below!

Overall, a postpartum sitz bath can be a soothing and healing remedy for new moms to help speed up their recovery process and promote healing in the genital area. By using gentle herbs and natural ingredients, you can create your own DIY herbal sitz bath that can provide relief and comfort during the postpartum period.


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