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The Apple Vision Pro: Who is Returning It and Why?

The Apple Vision Pro, the tech giant’s first foray into the world of mixed-reality headsets, has been making waves since its launch. With a price tag of $3,499/ £2,788, AU$6349, it’s no surprise that some users have been returning their devices within the two-week return window. But who exactly is returning the Vision Pro, and why?

One of the main reasons cited for returns is discomfort. According to sources within Apple’s retail chain, many users are experiencing discomfort or even nausea when using the headset. This could be due to a variety of factors, such as the fit of the headset on their head or issues with prescription filling. It seems that for some users, the initial excitement of owning a cutting-edge piece of technology is quickly replaced by discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Influencers and YouTubers are also among those returning the Vision Pro. With the ability to create content around the device and then return it within the two-week window, many tech ‘gurus’ see the headset as a short-term investment rather than a long-term purchase. This trend is reflected in the return process, which includes a detailed survey for users to provide feedback on their experience with the device. This feedback will likely be taken into consideration for future iterations of the Apple Vision Pro.

Price is another significant factor in the decision to return the Vision Pro. Some users simply find the price tag too steep for what the device offers. Mark Gurman, a renowned Apple leaker and Bloomberg writer, reported on a professional in Los Angeles who returned the headset because, while he enjoyed using it, he found that he wasn’t using it enough to justify the high cost. If the price had been lower, he might have kept it for casual use.

Overall, the feedback from users who have returned the Apple Vision Pro provides valuable insights for Apple to consider for future versions of the device. From issues with comfort and prescription filling to the high price point, there are several factors that are influencing users’ decisions to return the headset. As Apple continues to iterate on the Vision Pro and work towards a more polished product, this feedback will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of mixed-reality headsets from the tech giant.

In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro has generated significant interest and excitement, but it’s clear that not every user is satisfied with their purchase. Whether it’s discomfort, price, or simply not using the device as much as they expected, there are multiple reasons why users are choosing to return the headset. With valuable feedback from users and influencers alike, Apple has the opportunity to refine the Vision Pro and create a more user-friendly and accessible mixed-reality experience for all.


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