DIY Gardener’s Hand Salve Recipe

Gardening- Cheaper than Therapy and You Get Tomatoes!

Gardening is a therapeutic activity that not only provides fresh produce but also offers numerous health benefits. Many people, including the elderly, spend hours gardening each week and studies show that gardeners tend to live longer. The reasons for these benefits could be attributed to the exposure to vitamin D, beneficial organisms in the soil, physical exercise, and the calming effect of being in nature.

Personally, I find joy in gardening without wearing gloves, as it allows me to feel the plants and soil. By using organic pest control and fertilizer options, I am able to cultivate my garden in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. However, this often results in cracked and dry hands, which is where the magic of salves comes in.

Salves are oil-based ointments infused with beneficial herbs that are known for their healing properties. Unlike lotions, which contain a blend of oils and water, salves are solely oil and wax-based, making them ideal for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. By using different oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or rosehip seed oil, you can customize the salve to suit your needs.

I have incorporated salves into my daily skincare routine for various purposes, from treating cracked heels to soothing dry cuticles. One particular salve that I swear by is the Gardeners Hand Salve, which is specifically designed to nourish dry skin and heal small cuts from gardening. This salve is infused with soothing herbs that leave the hands feeling silky and soft, with a delightful earthy and medicinal scent.

Before making the hand salve, it is essential to infuse the herbs into the oil. This process can be done quickly using a double boiler or over a longer period by leaving the herbs to infuse in a carrier oil. Once the oil is infused with the herbs, you can proceed to make the hand salve by melting beeswax, shea butter, and the herb-infused oil in a double boiler. Lavender essential oil can be added for its additional healing properties.

The Gardeners Hand Salve recipe calls for a cooling time in the refrigerator to prevent the shea butter from becoming grainy. Once cooled, the salve can be used as needed after gardening or whenever your hands need some extra care. Store the hand salve in a cool, dry place for longevity.

In addition to the Gardeners Hand Salve, there are numerous other salve recipes that cater to different skincare needs, all free of harmful chemicals. By making your own salves, you have control over the ingredients used and can ensure that your skincare products are natural and safe for your skin.

Overall, gardening is not only a productive and fulfilling hobby but also a therapeutic and beneficial activity for your health and well-being. Whether you are an experienced gardener or new to gardening, incorporating salves into your skincare routine can provide relief for hard-working hands and nourish your skin with the healing properties of herbs. Share your gardening experiences and skincare tips in the comments below!


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