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Novilla 10 Inch Mattress – Memory Foam Mattress

Novilla 10 Inch Mattress

10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam for Pressure Relief & Fresh Cool Sleep, Removable Washable Mattress Cover. 15% OFF Coupon.

The pursuit of restful sleep often leads us to the heart of the bedroom – the mattress. In the vast landscape of sleep solutions, the Novilla Queen Memory Foam Mattress emerges as a standout contender. This blog will delve into the intricacies of its design, from the CertiPUR-US certified foam layers to the cooling properties of charcoal-infused memory foam. Join us on a journey through comfort, support, and the assurance of healthy sleep.

CertiPUR-US Certified Comfort: At the core of the Novilla Queen Mattress lies a commitment to healthy sleep. Designed with a 2-layer foam system, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring it meets stringent standards for performance, emissions, and durability. The dual-layer composition consists of 2″ Charcoal-Infused Memory Foam atop an 8″ High-Density Charcoal Support Base Foam. This innovative design not only provides optimal support but also promotes a fresh and clean sleeping environment by adsorbing moisture.

Cool & Comfortable Sleep: The quest for a cool and comfortable sleep experience is realized through the thoughtfully crafted mattress cover. Made of high-quality knitted fabrics, the cover offers superior comfort and durability. Knitted fabrics excel in breathability, allowing enhanced air circulation for a cooler night’s sleep. Sleepers prone to overheating will find solace in the cool touch of the mattress cover, ensuring a restful and undisturbed slumber.

Pressure Relief & Edge Support : The Novilla Queen Mattress offers a firmness sleep experience with a focus on pressure relief. Beneath the mattress cover lies a layer of charcoal-infused memory foam that conforms closely to the body’s shape, alleviating pain at pressure points. Simultaneously, the supportive base generates ample pushback, providing excellent overall support to the body. Reinforced edge support on both sides of the mattress prevents slipping when sitting or sleeping near the edge, offering stability and peace of mind.

Removable Washable Mattress Cover: Hygiene meets convenience with the Novilla Queen Mattress. The high-quality zipper at the bottom of the mattress allows for easy removal of the cover. Toss it into the washing machine for a quick and effortless clean, safeguarding your mattress from stains and maintaining a hygienic sleeping surface. This thoughtful feature ensures that your sleep environment stays pristine and inviting.

Worry-Free Purchase: Novilla stands firmly behind the quality of its queen mattresses, offering a no-risk 100-night trial and a 10-year limited warranty. This commitment to customer satisfaction reflects the brand’s confidence in the durability and performance of the mattress. The mattress is conveniently compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box, facilitating an easy setup process. Compatible with most bed bases and frames, Novilla ensures a worry-free purchase that prioritizes your comfort and peace of mind.

In conclusion, the Novilla Queen Memory Foam Mattress stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to delivering an exceptional sleep experience. From its CertiPUR-US certified foam layers to the cooling properties of charcoal-infused memory foam, every detail is meticulously crafted to provide comfort, support, and a healthy sleep environment. Elevate your nights with a mattress that not only promises quality but also delivers on the assurance of restful and rejuvenating sleep.

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