60% of Consumers Trust DIY Home Security Systems: Parks Study

The home security industry has seen a significant shift in consumer preferences with the rise of self-monitoring systems. According to research released by Parks Associates, 60% of consumers believe that their self-monitoring home security systems are just as effective as professional monitoring services. This shift is largely attributed to the cost factor, with 25% of consumers canceling professional monitoring services due to high fees. Additionally, some consumers have cited an increased sense of neighborhood safety and a lack of usage as reasons for switching to self-monitoring systems.

Despite the popularity of self-monitoring systems, professional monitoring services remain in demand. During the pandemic, security dealers faced challenges in accessing households, leading to an increase in remote monitoring solutions. However, as life returns to normalcy, there has been a bounce back in professional installation services. Technological advancements and the affordability of professional services have attracted homeowners seeking comprehensive coverage and expert assistance.

Mark N. Vena, the president and principal analyst at SmartTech Research, highlighted the convenience and reliability of professional installations, which offer integrated solutions and expert assistance. Security companies have adapted their market approach post-pandemic, diversifying their offerings and increasing consumer outreach. Professional installers now offer DIY solutions that compete well against traditional DIY systems.

For consumers who can afford it, professional monitoring services offer benefits that may not be present in DIY systems. Anna Redmond, the founder of Braav, emphasized that professional monitoring delivers reliability, accountability, and best-practice-driven processes. While self-monitoring systems provide flexibility and cost savings, they may lack professional expertise and response times in emergencies. Professional monitoring ensures continuous monitoring by trained personnel, offering swift responses and peace of mind.

To garner consumer acceptance, security system providers can emphasize their expertise, reliability, and comprehensive coverage. Offering flexible pricing plans, personalized solutions, and excellent customer support can address consumer concerns and integrate well with smart home appliances. By demonstrating seamless compatibility and enhancing the overall home automation experience, providers can attract clients seeking a holistic approach to home security and automation.

The competitive dynamics in the home security market have also shifted, with traditional players like ADT refocusing on the residential and SMB market. Network cameras and doorbells are becoming direct competitors for traditional security players. The market is evolving with two broad segments: DIY solutions and fully managed solutions. The line between these segments is blurring, with DIY solutions expanding their professional monitoring services and managed services vendors offering DIY solutions in response.

In conclusion, the home security industry is witnessing a shift towards self-monitoring systems, driven by cost considerations and consumer preferences. Professional monitoring services continue to be popular for their reliability and expert assistance. Security providers can attract consumers by emphasizing their expertise, reliability, and comprehensive coverage, as well as offering flexible pricing plans and integrating with smart home appliances. The competitive landscape is evolving, with traditional players embracing new technologies and services to meet changing consumer demands in the home security market.


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