Homemade Cough Drop Lollipops

When cold and flu season hits, it can be challenging to find natural remedies that are effective and kid-friendly. One popular option is elderberry syrup, which is known for its immune-boosting properties. However, another fun and tasty option for kids is homemade cough drop lollipops. These lollipops combine the soothing properties of honey and herbs to help alleviate sore throats and coughs.

Store-bought cough suppressants and cold medicines often contain artificial ingredients and additives that may not be ideal for children. Making your own cough drop lollipops allows you to control the ingredients and ensure that they are natural and safe for your little ones. Plus, kids love the idea of a lollipop that can also help them feel better when they are sick.

One key ingredient in these homemade lollipops is honey, which has long been used for its soothing and antibacterial properties. When combined with lemon juice and a blend of herbs like echinacea, mullein, elderberry, and hibiscus, these lollipops become a potent remedy for cold and flu symptoms.

The process of making these cough drop lollipops can be a bit tricky, as honey can be finicky when it comes to candy-making. It’s important to heat the honey slowly over low to medium heat to avoid burning it. Testing the consistency of the honey mixture by dropping a few drops into ice water can help determine when it’s ready to be poured into molds.

In addition to honey, lemon juice, and herbs, essential oils can also be added to the lollipops for extra soothing benefits. Once the mixture is poured into molds, it should be left to harden at room temperature for several hours before being individually wrapped in parchment paper or coated with arrowroot powder to prevent sticking.

These homemade cough drop lollipops are a great alternative to store-bought remedies and can be a fun and tasty way to help kids feel better when they are under the weather. They are naturally gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and packed with immune-boosting ingredients that can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

If making your own lollipops seems daunting, there are also some good options available for purchase from brands like Beekeeper’s Naturals and Lolleez. These lollipops are made with organic and non-GMO ingredients and come in a variety of flavors that kids will love.

Overall, homemade cough drop lollipops are a creative and effective way to provide natural relief for cold and flu symptoms in children. With the soothing properties of honey, herbs, and essential oils, these lollipops can help kids feel better while also satisfying their sweet tooth. So next time your little ones are feeling under the weather, consider whipping up a batch of these homemade lollipops to help them feel better faster.


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